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I want share a few websites with all our members that I personally use before and during travel and that I genuinely personally recommend for improving the quality of your stays.

To make it easy to check current rates for hotels, either for new stays or to check the current cost of an upgraded room, I use Expedia.


In flight comfort

Choosing the right seats on the plane can make a big difference to the quality of the flight, such as making sure you are not near the toilets or galley for noise and not stuck in a seat that won’t recline. That’s why I always check my seats on SeatGuru before check-in.

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User reviews

I do a lot of research on my hotel before booking, to make sure it is good, clean, in the right location, and that previous guests like it. There’s also often some good local tips from people who have stayed there. I’ve been using TripAdvisor for many years and write reviews on there.

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Discover something new

I’m a big fan of discovering the places I visit and one of the best ways to do so particularly if the time is short, is to book a local specialist tour or activity. Viator allows you to browse through what’s available where you’re staying!

Viator can guide you

Top of the list

I also love spending time researching about where I’m going to travel, since many places will only be visited once in a lifetime it’s really important to make sure you see the best sights, eat the best local food, and feel part of the place. There’s often too much choice for a few days stay so I use Lonely Planet for guidance.

Visit Lonely Planet

Down time

Readly gives you access to over 4,500 magazines, including most of the well-known ones across many countries and languages. As well as being easier than buying loads of magazines they can all be downloaded. I usually download about 20-30 magazines before I travel and can then read them offline whilst away.

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